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Board Comments 4-14-16
My Evergreen Apple -
G. Biser

Good Evening Trustees, Colleagues, and Community Members,
I want to begin by thanking teachers, principals, and Supt. Gomez along with her Cabinet for their help in gathering signatures for the Prop. 30 Extension, but most especially parents and guardians who signed petitions today. In addition, I'd like to thank each of you for considering the resolution in favor of this important initiative on tonight's agenda.
I'm pleased to see the Kindergarten Tentative agreement is also part of this meeting. As I told you last month, I thought an acceptable compromise was within reach. I want to thank Dan, Carole, Suzanne, Susana, Mike, and Shirley for all their work in getting to this point. ETA members cast their ballots on March 23 and were overwhelmingly in favor with a 94% "Yes" vote. The only way you can top it is with a 5 - 0 decision.
Interested in visiting a classroom or two next month? I have a flyer for each of you, both for your information and if you decide you would like to join the fun. Patti Andrade is the creator of this marvelous idea, but I'd be happy to try to answer any questions if she's not in the audience tonight. Our goal is to include more Evergreen schools on the participation list as we invite local politicians and candidates to "Teach for a Day" during Teacher Appreciation week May 9 through the 13th.

We're in the final week of our ETA Scholarship Donation Drive. Currently, the district office is in the lead with $540. Additional Trustee contributions will increase this total. Can you say bundtinis? Full disclosure - I included my donation in with the DO, so if you win, so do I :-)
In conclusion, I wanted to share with you that Danielle and I have qualified as foster parents for two sisters who are refugees. When they arrive next month, I'll be taking some time, and I may miss my first board meeting since I became President almost eight years ago. Thank you for the opportunity to bond with our new family members, and help them get acclimated to life in the US through your proactive action on the maternity/paternity law that went into affect in January.
Together, we can do great things here in Evergreen and throughout California!
Thank you.

Brian Wheatley, ETA President
408-272-0601 ext. 215

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