The District and the Evergreen Teachers Association agree to the current Collective Bargaining Agreement language which shall remain in full force and effect from July 1, 2017 until June 30, 2020.

Whenever a contract expires and a new one is not yet in place, the previous contract remains in effect until a new contract is ratified by the membership.

During the summer, your ETA leadership participates in extensive negotiation and finance trainings developed by the California Teachers Association (CTA). Your negotiators are directed by the ETA Executive Board during the negotiations process. Members are given a progress update at the end of each bargaining session until bargaining is complete.


Negotiation Process

Nearly all California’s school districts now have a teachers' union affiliated with either the California Teachers Association (CTA) or the California Federation of Teachers (CFT). The primary activity of a union is to represent the teachers in negotiating the terms of employment contracts, called collective bargaining.


Senate Bill 160 (1975), the Rodda Act

The school board and the union must meet at least once every three years. The result of this negotiating determines the salaries and benefits, hours, calendar, and most aspects of teachers' working conditions—as well as attempting to solve problems and address new issues that have arisen during the period of the contract. This can be especially significant when the Legislature and governor have passed new laws—for example, about class size reduction or teacher training and evaluation. A district can implement these laws only after the impact has been bargained.

The schedule for negotiations is jointly planned, and the process can extend over many months. Negotiations may be private. The "sunshine" clause of the Rodda Act requires that each party's proposal be presented for public comment at a publicized school board meeting. Any new subjects raised later must be made public within 24 hours, and the school board must explain the financial impact of any proposed settlement before adopting the final contract.

Negotiations eventually result in a signed contract that is binding on both the board and the union. It applies to all the teachers in
the bargaining unit whether or not all of them have joined the union. Those who have joined the union pay union dues; those who have not are charged a "fair share" service fee, payable to the union.


2018 – 2019 Bargaining Team

Suzanne Lima, Chair (Millbrook)
Sarah Johnson (Chaboya)
Susana Faria (JF Smith)
Shirley Madsen (Matsumoto)

Scheduled Dates